Syllabi for Marimba Education

GIAMARI is happy to be providing two main syllabi which are a universal therapy to Marimba Players. We have the Foundation Course in Marimba Education that caters for players of any age from grassroots levels. The second one is the Certificate In Marimba Education and Performance. This caters for players who want to go professional in terms of marimba teaching, performing, manufacturing and management.

We have an academic approach to Marimba Education for intellectual development such that at the end of a given time period, a marimba player performs intellectually better in integrated and overall terms. This is because of the various thinking skills that marimba playing demands resulting in the activation of other brain cells that would have remained shut without being exposed to marimba playing. Additionally, students playing marimbas have their physical fitness and flexibility always in top form. In early childhood development, marimba playing is essential in building motor skills as well as the cognitive forte.

Marimba players from GIAMARI network have become the backbone of African Marimba in the world with most of them having taken influential positions in various universities and institutions around the globe.

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