Schools Marimba Camps

In collaboration with The Marimba Education Development Centre, every year, marimba players from different schools gather for GIAMARI Marimba camps. The camps run for average of 3 days in different parts of the country including as far afield as Victoria Falls.

These GIAMARI camps have proved to be essential integration and social networking platform for Marimba players in different counties. Participants continue to pour in from different schools in excitement .

GIAMARI Marimba Camp programs always vary depending on the theme of the year. The main areas of Marimba Education are; Marimba Dexterity, Marimba Phrasing, Compositional Skills, Listening and Analysis, Stage Management, Repertoire Preparation, Stage Behavior, Practice Management among others. This is all served from a skill based GIAMARI Syllabus; The Foundation Course in Marimba Education. In addition to Marimba Education, students benefit immensely as they are counseled on a wide spectrum of tropical issues affecting their lives as growing children. These include but are not limited to Drug & Substance Abuse, Defensive Driving, Sex Education including Self-Discipline, Stress Management, Peer Pressure Management, Rule Politeness and sense of decorum and protocol and etiquette.

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