Marimba Band FOF hIRE

Led by Nicholas Manomano, GIAMARI Marimba Bands continue to be an integral part of corporate and private functions countrywide. We are a proud partner of many companies in various events which include banquets, anniversaries, receptions, processions, galas, fairs, reunions, receptions, launches, lunches, dinners, farewells, weddings, parties and many others. GIAMARI has the capacity to provide any number of marimba bands at a given time at any given time. Contact us for bookings.


The presence of our band on the international arena especially at the invitation of the Government of Uzbekistan for The 10th Sharq Taronalari to join 67 other countries from the world is a huge endorsement of our brand. Thanks to AHOI and Mahide Lein.


German Media On Us

Owing to the distinctiveness of African marimba music in Europe, The German media gives us much attention covering as much as of our activities as they can. We have had plentiful opportunities to appear on German National Televisions and radio stations for live interviews on Multi Kultur Radio and the Groove Station among others. Sometimes we are fortunate enough to get copies of the interviews that we excitedly take home to share with our beloved ones!

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