Giamari International Marimba, Cultural And Educational School Tours

  1. Many children from various schools have been given an opportunity to perform marimbas on big stages during our tours around Europe. Since 2002, GIAMARI has established a very strong custom of touring Europe with Germany being the base from which operations to other European countries are launched. Netherlands, France, Belgium, Austria, United Kingdom among other countries form part of our comprehensive tours in Europe. These trips are well recorded. We are a regular feature at Berlin Karnival Der Kulturin (Berlin Carnival of Culture), thanks to Ahoi Events.

We have always made it a point that the touring school bands exploit Europe by visiting as many of the  fascinating places as possible. These include visits to one of the highest Church Towers of the World; The Cologne Dome where the biblical three wise men were interred. Spending time in Sindelfingen at the Daimler; the Mercedes Benz Manufatcuring Plant and subsequent visit to Mercedez Benz Museum. Other places of interest include sites in Berlin such as The Fernsehen Turm in Alexanderplatz, The Technische Museum, Bundestag and the Brandenberg Gate, The Berlin Wall and the Holocaust Memorial Museum. We have also afford the touring bands opportunities to cheer their favourite Bundesliga teams live in action by visiting Veltins Arena in Gelsenkirchen watching Schalke play various teams and to Olympic Stadium to watch Hertha B.S.C. in action. Historical sites including castles such as Marksburg have proved to be an utmost source not only of information but also entertainment. Many other sites outside Germany have been explored, these include The Disneyland and The Eifel Tower as well as the European Union Parliament in France among others.

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