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“To enjoy marimbas better, play them!” Nicholas Manomano

Welcome to the world of The Global Institute Of African Marimba Rhythm Initiative known as GIAMARI. The Global African Marimba Business is proud to bring to you a superior brand of various African marimba products and services.

Resonant and mellow, compatible and slick is the Hypersonic Marimba that spontaneously meets your dream design inviting you to the world of African traditional marimba music and wherever else the imagination takes you. Designed by Nicholas Manomano; a well-travelled and curious marimba player, Hypersonic marimbas have brought a whole fascinating era of  marimba music.

It is about empowering generations. It is about empowering schools and all educational institutions.

“Marimba music conveys better when you stop listening with your ears and start listening with your heart.” Nicholas  Manomano

What we do

The Global Institute Of Africa Marimba Rhythm Initiative (South Africa) is a product of Kutinya Arts Zimbabwe; a specialist organization in Marimba Education, Marimba Technology and Marimba Management with more than 20 years of service to customers around the world.

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